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As Lewiston's newest Agency Liquor store we are excited to offer a wide range of spirits that fit well with our current wine and beer offerings. We have a nice variety of high quality, hard to find items, along with a good mix of everyday bottles.

We are excited to offer tastings - giving you a chance to try some new things, or revisit old favorites. Keep an eye on our Socials or the Events tab on our website for upcoming events.

In Maine, all liquor prices are set by the state. This means that no matter what store you buy from you will pay the same price - the difference in the selection, and this is where we plan to stand out.

To see what we have, and to check prices, go to: - use the Sprits Finder to see who has what you are looking for at any time.

Exceptional Wines
Crafty Beers
Tasty Bits
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